THE BOY WHO LOVED UNICORNS - written by Nathan Chase Plummer, illustrated by Silvan Borer, founded through Kickstarter.
You'll find the book and more informations here.
The Boy Who Loved Unicorns is beautiful and heartfelt tale about the imagination of one brave little boy. The courage of Nicky Chase will melt your heart and encourage you, even in adulthood, to still believe. Through Nicky’s power of imagination he is able to overcome obstacles and adversity in his young life. This is an inspiring and uplifting true-story that every adult must read, and every child must hear.  A beautifully inspiring reminder to always be kind, embrace differences, love without prejudice, and to never stop chasing our dreams. A much needed message in today’s world. Both the young and the young at heart will be transported, and encourage us all to still believe!
This hardcover book reads like a poem and is gorgeously illustrated from beginning to end, and is guaranteed to make your heart grow two sizes larger.
Written by multiple time published author Nathan Chase Plummer, and illustrated by renowned European artist Silvan Borer of Zürich Switzerland."
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