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Year of Jupiter: "
The Calendar Medal 2022 celebrates the year of Jupiter, not only the largest planet in our solar system but also the king of the Ancient Roman gods. Fulfilling a role similar to that of his Greek equivalent, Zeus, Jupiter was praised for his fatherliness and kindness.
Man of many faces
Despite the sheer magnitude of his power, he was not distant and did not restrict himself to his heavenly domain. As a man in the prime of his life and in top physical condition, he was enterprising and constantly reinvented himself. Transformed into a bull, he abducted Europa, while in the form of a cloud he hid from his jealous wife Juno when he fell in love with the priestess, Io. He reached the imprisoned Danaë by appearing in the form of a shower of gold and seduced Leda in the body of a swan. So, like Jupiter, keep your options open throughout his year – his calendar medal will guide you on your adventure."
Year of Saturn: "Celebrating the year of Saturn, the Calendar Medal 2021 is a convenient and elegant pocket year planner. Carrying a sickle, the roman god Saturn, after whom the planet is named, features on one side of the medal alongside the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius, over which the planet rules. Every national holiday and Sunday in 2021 are shown on the medal’s other side."

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